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(Motor)Home for the Holidays

RV rentals offer great values for holiday travelers.

Airfares have been steadily on the rise, and weary travelers are searching for alternate means of travel as the holiday season approaches. One choice is renting a recreational vehicle (RV). Not only will it transport your family, it will also house and feed it -- which is why many frugal folks turn to RVs at this time of year.

“When considering the cost of airfare, hotels and meals out, it’s no wonder that people are turning to RV rentals,” says Rob Tischler, CEO of Allstar Coaches. “The savings are substantial, even when you incorporate fuel costs. A family of four can literally save thousands over traditional air-hotel itineraries.”

Travelers are also getting frustrated with the invasive searches, missed connections and outrageous fees when flying. Lynn Thompson, a registered nurse from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., says that “renting a motor home is a cost-effective, more comfortable and less stressful alternative to traveling by plane.” “The last time I flew,” says Thompson, “I had to pay $20 extra per seat so my family could sit together, then they lost my luggage -- for which I had to pay extra as well -- and my 86-year-old grandmother was singled out and publicly humiliated when an overzealous security agent became suspicious of her colostomy bag.”

It’s virtually guaranteed that nothing like that will happen if you travel in a motor home. Allstar Coaches operates its fleet of luxury motor home rentals from strategically located depots in nine states. With full kitchens, well-appointed cabins and modern technology, these vehicles are equipped to exceed your expectations. For further information about RV and motor home rentals, call Allstar Coaches at 866-838-4465.



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