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Holiday Decorating Guide

Go beyond the same old red and green this year and get creative with your holiday decorations.

Tired of the same old holiday decorations? Mix it up this year. A color scheme of ice white, silver and blue tones blend together for a fanciful sparkle. And creative ideas give old items like ornaments new life. By layering different shades and adding accents beyond the tree, you’ll create a look with an elegant touch. Here’s how to get the look:

Frame Your Wreaths
Choose a mirror or frame that has a contemporary color to upgrade this decoration to a true piece of art. Plus, it’s a perfect way to work around your existing décor.

Look for Basic Shapes
Let the shapes of Christmas inspire you. Simple cylinders, circles and stars all represent the season’s silhouette, and can be embellished with lots of sparkle or bright colors for big impact.

Cohesive Colors
The color scheme you choose reflects your personality as much as the style of ornaments. Pick nontraditional shapes, or mix in items that remind you of meaningful moments.

Get Creative with Gift Wrap
An easy way to pull double duty when gift-giving is to attach an ornament to the box. Pair it with matching gift wrap, secure with ribbon -- and see how the gift of lasting memories is truly tied up with a bow!

Expert Wreath Lighting Tips
There are plenty of wreaths already equipped with lights, but if you want to do it yourself, keep the wreath’s size in mind. Use a piece of string to wrap around the wreath for a rough estimate. And make sure to keep in mind the extra length you’ll need to reach the outlet.

Take Ornaments Beyond the Tree
Christmas ornaments aren’t just for the tree. Fill a decorative bowl with colorful balls to make a pretty centerpiece. Keep the container’s color neutral so that the ornaments truly shine. And feel free to mix it up! Traditional single-hue ornaments get extra attention when they’re paired with others that use stripes or unusual shapes. Paint faux branches and berries in complementary colors for an easy way to bring it all together.

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